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20 Cool Shipping Container Swimming Pools

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well, it has been many years since i've posted anything at all, and as is very obvious, keeping up this blog isn't my day job. but... the shipping container pool is still alive and well, still a lo...

shipping container pool: 7 years out

Over the last several years, shipping containers have become very popular in the world of architecture. Although there was once a time when these large met

20 Cool Shipping Container Swimming Pools

SHIPPING CONTAINER POOLS- what a great idea. This is the shorter version- the longer one would be great for laps. Would be fun to add to a shipping container house:)

Modpools have transformed shipping containers into modern swimming pools with a window. Each pool can be set up in minutes, be made into a hot tub and can be controlled via your smartphone, where you can change the temperature, jets and lighting.

A Swimming Pool Made From A Shipping Container? This House Has One

Vancouver-based company Modpools, have taken something that’s normally used to ship goods, shipping containers, and turned them into modern swimming pools with a window.

Inground Shipping Container Pool Shipping containers can easily be converted into the perfect pool. The dimensions (20 or 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet deep) create an ideal swimming pool size. The container can also simply be buried in your backyard to create an in ground pool.

Inground Shipping Container Pool Shipping containers can easily be converted…

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The protective outer walls of Avalon were inspired partly by this outdoor water feature. I loved the idea of a moat with water fed from openings in the wall itself.

7 Swimming Pools You Won’t Believe Are Made from Shipping Containers - Shipping Container Sales, Rentals & Modifications

We think these shipping container swimming pools are a pretty cool way to use our shipping containers. See our huge selection of new and used containers for sale.

Construction of a storage container swimming pool.

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how to timber clad a shipping container - Google Search #containerhome #shippingcontainer

How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

This shipping container is clad with timber panels and has large glass doors, most likely double glazed as to keep heat in during winter.

One Canadian couple is making a splash transforming shipping containers into backyard swimming pools.

Are Shipping Containers the Future of Swimming Pools?

Modpools turns shipping containers into amazing swimming pools Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building