Go for a classic style in a grey tartan sportcoat and grey tartan suit pants. Want to go easy on the shoe front? Make navy suede tassel loafers your footwear choice for the day. Shop this look for $223: http://lookastic.com/men/looks/pocket-square-and-dress-shirt-and-tie-and-blazer-and-dress-pants-and-tassel-loafers/679 — White Pocket Square — White Dress Shirt — Navy Tie — Grey Plaid Blazer — Grey Plaid Dress Pants — Navy Suede Tassel Loafers

Men's Grey Check Wool Suit, White Dress Shirt, Navy Suede Tassel Loafers, Navy Tie

Creative director (and CEO) Richard Falcai unveils this beautiful Sartoria Rossi Autumn Winter 2013 ready-to-wear collection. For this season, Sartoria Rossi

Shop this look for $220:  http://lookastic.com/men/looks/pocket-square-and-dress-shirt-and-blazer-and-tie-and-vest-and-dress-pants/851  — Brown Pocket Square  — Light Blue Dress Shirt  — Grey Plaid Blazer  — Brown Tie  — Grey Plaid Waistcoat  — Grey Plaid Dress Pants

Men's Grey Wool Three Piece Suit, Light Blue Dress Shirt, Dark Brown Tie, Dark Brown Print Pocket Square

What do you think of this three-piece suit? We love the rich burgundy accents. My beau's suit for our special day

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Perfect Mix of Prints:: Menswear:: Purple Gingham Longsleeve Shirt:: Black and White Polka Dot Tie

Go for a classic style in a blue suit and a white oxford shirt. For a more relaxed take, go for a pair of white plimsolls.   Shop this look on Lookastic: https://lookastic.com/men/looks/blue-suit-white-dress-shirt-white-plimsolls/20358   — White Dress Shirt  — Blue Polka Dot Tie  — Blue Suit  — White Plimsolls

Men's Blue Suit, White Dress Shirt, White Plimsolls, Blue Polka Dot Tie

Try pairing a blue suit with a white oxford shirt for a sharp classy look. Choose a pair of white plimsolls for a more relaxed aesthetic.

Easy Guide On #DressShirt and #Tie Color Combinations

Easy Guide On Dress Shirt and Tie Color Combinations

Committing to memory all those fashion rules is anything but a breeze. Fortunately, these insanely helpful charts make styling child's play.

Matching your shirts and ties can be disorienting. Our guide to shirt and tie combos will give you the basics and you'll be a pro in no time.

How To Match Your Shirts and Ties [matching shirt and tie examples]

See photo examples of common shirt and tie combinations that work, plus rules matching all your shirts and ties.

A quick guide to mixing shirt and tie patterns

Is your wardrobe more shirt & tie than suit & tie? Here are a few tips on common shirt and tie pattern combinations. Especially useful when you have a wardrobe of staff uniform to chose from!