Find yourself getting stressed? Here are 10 daily steps for less stress.

10 Daily Steps for Less Stress #infographic

Feel good, ethical Shopping. Looking for your suggestions!

More and more lately I’ve made it a point to put thought into my buying habits, where I vote with spending my money, and how ethical my purchase is. It could be called intentional shopping.

Just had this for breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon recipe. Bought the pancakes though, but really delicious just the same and so quick and easy!

Rachel Allen’s pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Rachel Allen's American-style pancakes recipe is ideal for a special breakfast or brunch.

Curb Your Cravings the Healthy Way #Infographic #Food #Health Holy Land Designs GT

Curb Your Cravings the Healthy Way #Infographic

Going on a strict diet can be challenging on its own. Certain food cravings might make it harder to stay on the right track. This infographic from Bookatable shows how you can combat various food cravings:Premium infographic templates

The Beautiful Think: Eco Fashion, Ethical Fashion. Blog

Shopping Ethically: An Infographic

The Beautiful Think: Eco Fashion, Ethical Fashion. Good, simple graphic on shopping ethically

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Fire is a good servant but not a good master. Enjoy grilling in your backyard but be mindful of fire hazards.

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Increase shoe comfort, carry out minor repairs, store your shoes and keep them clean with our budget shoe hacks.

Mary Berry's perfect Victoria Sandwich. This really is perfect and perfectly easy. Takes me 15 mins or less to get it into the oven, I couldn't get one from the shops in that time. from

Mary Berry's perfect Victoria sandwich

Victoria Sponge - because I watch the Great British Baking Show: BBC - Food - Recipes : Mary Berry's perfect Victoria sandwich