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We all know what braided bobs look like as a protective style, twisted lobs (long bobs) just took the bobbed protective style to the next level.

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Short marley twists

18 Pics of Twisted Lobs (Long Bobs), the Protective Style Taking Over Instagram

RashawnMarchelle. @_creativeuphoria

Also known as box braids, poetic justice braids are adored by most women with short and long hair. Ladies with curly or frizzy hair in particular,are fond of

Do You Prefer Short Havana Twists? - 13 Short Havana Twist Styles That Are…

Do You Prefer Short Havana Twists? - 13 Short Havana Twist Styles That Are Really Cute [Gallery]

Do you like your havana twists short? Check out this Gallery of short versions of the style you can try for your next protective style

Medium length Marley/Havana twists. Lob (long bob) twists Marley twists Havana…

Is your heat damaged natural hair tough to work with? Discover the best products for heat damaged hair and methods to restore your natural curl pattern.

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20 Of The Hottest Jumbo Marley Twists Styles Found On Pinterest [Gallery]

Marley twist hairstyles are a happening trend. There are so many creative styles to choose from. Check out these cool, hip Marley twist styles and hairdos.