Moral Stories: The Lion and the Cows
Is story time an essential part of your kid’s day? Do you like to teach him about various things, places and values through stories?
Would love to read a book or see a film like this - 9GAG
Moral Stories: The Greedy Dog                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Suits Harvey Specter quote too funny. Hopefully they will get it right one day! Lol.
This is a really good story but the two first pictures made me think Ass hole  Why am I like this?
Moral Stories: The Rabbit and the Tortoise
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Shortest sad stories
These Girls Took The Parking Spot He Was Clearly Waiting A Long Time To Nab. What he did next is GOLD.
Moral Stories: Thirsty Crow
Some stories just don't have a happy ending - Jodi Picoult - quote - Word porn
The Story of Rama & Sita Poster
fantastic vintage science fiction