20 Six-Word Stories that are heartbreaking. I have another, Ernest Hemingway wrote one that actually made me cry..."For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."

20 Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking. #7 Gave Me Chills.

20 heartbreaking six word stories The most heartbreaking one I've heard is "baby shoes for sale never used"

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There's an urban legend that's been circulating for years about a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go, but where you need to go. One night, you step into this cab. More<<<< the taxi cab of requirement

( what if the kid could see disorders like depression and anxiety like creatures sitting on people's shoulders, and he starts helping them)

Writing Prompt ~ For as long as you can remember, you've worn eyeglasses. Your parents always made sure you had them on and you formed the habit. One day, you forget them and you realize you can see something no one else can.

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Word count for various written works. Should you call it a short story or a novelette? What is a novela?

reddit writing prompt (this links to short stories, please be advised that some may contain bad language)

The kid is a girl and the imaginary friend is trying to pursue a romantic relationship (despite the feelings being one-sided/the fact that's impossible.

It becomes the moment they slip into a downward spiral that eventually transforms them into a super villain... out to destroy the planet.

Time travel is real, and time tourists tend to show up in large numbers around major historical events. One day, billions of time tourists are in ships above the city, quietly waiting. <--- another really cool prompt

What if you had to quickly get out of the lake before it freezes. The ice is creeping closer from the center out and you have to swim fast or be frozen in the ice.

Chilling summer.

I feel numb but not just from the cold as my best friend floats next to me. Her pale lifeless face stairs. I look around, the lake is almost frozen over, but last I remember it was June. What has happened?