Shortest horror story: Monady

Shortest horror story: Monady

Creative writing - Two sentence horror stories

Gave me the creeps

Scary stories in two sentences or less. These people have MAD writing skills! Great story starters for Language Arts

Now I'm severely creeped out.  I would have to destroy the phone and move far away  to ever feel better if this happened.


two-sentence-horror-stories- could be a fun idea to have the kids write their own for Halloween.

Fine Art Self-Portraits by Milica Staletovic #inspiration #photography

Milica Staletovic is a 20 years old photographer based in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Bor, Serbia. She started photography almost 5 years ago.

That feeling when the strappy heels you've been eyeing are sold out!

25 Hilarious Fashion Girl Quotes You'll Want to Share With All Your Friends

Freak Show. Jyoti Amge as Ma Petite and Emma Roberts as the fortune teller Maggie Esmerelda.

“ Emma Roberts ( maggie ) and Jyoti Amge ( ma petite) on the set of American Horror Story Freak Show ”

Shortest horror story they said..

Shortest horror story they said..