A series of tweets by a Japanese artist depicting the various female uniforms of different high schools in Aichi Prefecture has taken the internet by storm. Her charming illustrations are positively bursting with love for both her craft and prefecture, and now we all have a handy guide to recognize the school of an ...

Talented artist illustrates adorable catalog of Aichi Prefecture& female high school 

"School Uniform" by bubble-loves-you ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring cosplay, dresses, other, outfit, anime, misc and school uniform

I wanted to base my characters clothes off of Japanese school uniforms. This is because the design works well with multiple colours.

For those of you who watch Pretty Little Liars, this is something that Spencer Hastings would wear

20 Maneras de quitarle lo aburrido a tu uniforme escolar

I have been seeing this look a lot lately. I love the knee highs with the peter pan collar and blazer jacket. frickin cute use of thigh highs with long jacket and short dress! Please find an outfit like this!

2013 Oregon State Native American Heritage Month Torquoise Nike N7 Uniform

2013 Oregon State Native American Heritage Month Torquoise Nike finally an ok design from the design team. Turquoise is getting old though.

US Navy Uniform Infographic

US Navy Uniforms Infographic

One of many reasons I want my child to go to a private school.

Younger children of the House Assassin Sisters, friends, and partners in crime (Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear Trunkshow on Moda Operandi)