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Overhead activities are risk factors to shoulder impingement syndrome. Bring frequently used items at or slightly shoulder level

Shoulder impingement. Not to play the hoity toity Jonny Raincloud card, but the words themselves – shoulder impingement – is a garbage term. It doesn’t really mean anything. To one degree or another your shoulder is always being “impinged.” So when you or your trainer or someone with more letters next to their name (or...  Read more

Impingement: Study Outlines 6 Week Protocol That Reduces, in of the Cases Even Resolves Shoulder Pain - SuppVersity: Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone

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Research has shown up to of all shoulder pain is related to shoulder impingement syndrome. 4 What does this mean and how can this condition be prevented?

Shoulder impingement is a very common cause of shoulder pain. Description from…

Shoulder ‘Impingement’ – What you need to know

‎Impingement‬ ‪Syndrome‬ is a condition that causes severe shoulder pain, when continuously working with the arms raised overhead, repeated throwing activities, or other repetitive actions of the shoulder.