Shrek prince

Adam Ant - ridicule is nothing to be scared of...

Prince Charming of Suburbia: Adam Ant's transition from Eighties dandy, to gun-wielding maniac, to Mr Average next door

Adam Ant - prince charming dance at the junior school disco

It's funny how one became so much more popular than the other. And it's not what the animators expected.

Hilarious, especially in hindsight. Shrek is about better than Prince of Persia.

This!!!! I wish...<<< the world your thinking of is kind of like the shadow world in mortal instruments

Have you read Artemis Fowl? Its all about fairys that have way better technology than us.



This is me when I don't want someone too know something

Pinnochio, you clever bastard…

@shaynoyman ☆

21 Undeniable Reasons "Shrek" Was A Goddamn Gift To The Internet

We NEED to talk about Shrek more.<-- Shrek is love, Shrek is life (; <<< not like that << DEFINITELY not like that!!


I mean, what about Prince Charming? Or Shrek as a human? What about Donkey as the counting steed?《 shrek is love shrek is life

In Shrek SO many characters are from other fairy stories- the gingerbread man, the princesses, the prince, the ugly step sisters and so many others

Ever wonder how Gingy from the Shrek movie tastes? Try out this yummy low-fat gingerbread recipe, and you will be so happy you did.

sounds like dnd. dragons are second only to bards in resulting in interspecies crossbreeds

sounds like dnd. dragons are second only to bards in resulting in interspecies crossbreeds. <<I just like the idea of them being best friends who give each other dating advice and stuff. Just me? Yeah, okay.

What really came first? Prince Charming from Shrek or Jamie Lannister from GOT? Where is the portal?!

This gif shows that Jaime Lannister is actually the scheming Prince Charming from Shrek.<<< Thank you for pointing it out! hahah so glad someone thinks that too