Shrubs for Shady Spots: Sumac, Azalea, Rhodie, Camellia, Kerria, Hydrangea, Pieris, Summersweet, Serviceberry, Mountain Laurel, Daphne.  Lower front yard and along north front fence!

Shrubs for Shady Spots

Although it's considered a small tree, sumac has a compact, shrublike form that will fit into almost any size landscape. Sumac grows quickly and prefers rich, slightly moist soil and a partially shady location. Wild sumac can become invasive, but most new

Skimmia japonica "Rubella" A great evergreen shrub for shady areas with showy flower buds and white fragrant flowers.

Skimmia japonica "Rubella" Evergreen shrub for shady areas with showy flower buds and white fragrant flowers.

Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' - This new fatsia is primarily grown for its handsome foliage, which looks as though it has been variously been dusted with icing sugar. It makes a wonderful specimen, particularly when planted near white-flowering plants that compliment the leaf variegations. It can also be used to help add light and colour to areas or lightly dappled shade.

For pot on Patio: Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' (Evergreen Shrub). This gorgeous plant adds light and color to lower light areas.

Summersweet is a great choice for a compact shrub in a damp, shady area. Also: inkberry holly, dwarf Virginia sweetspire and buttonbush.

To be planted third year in front of south fence hedge, on either side of peonies framing birdbath, water feature, or sculpture in order to hide utility boxes and provide eye candy from Cora's patio seat.

Design a lush woodland garden with a collection of shade-loving shrubs, foliage, flowers and bulbs from HGTV Gardens.

Shade-Tolerant Plants for Woodland Gardens

20 Shade Plants for Woodland Gardens By: Jessica Yonker Grow a lush, woodland garden with this selection of shade-loving shrubs, flowers and foliage.

Cyclamen hederifolium AGM - 7 mixed leaved forms. For the dry deep shade at back of apple trees.

A mixed batch of leaves and flower colour, 8 x pots. Super in dry shade, August - September flowering, with flowers appearing in ethereal ring like clumps and with the good looking leaves remaining all Winter long

Hebe 'Youngii' - A compact, spreading, evergreen shrub which is smothered in short spikes of large violet flowers all summer, that gradually fade to white. The tiny leaves are dark green and glossy and often have fine red margins. Its spreading habit makes it ideal for rock gardens, or try it planted en-masse along a path or driveway. Like most hebes, it will flourish in a range of conditions, and once established, it is drought-tolerant, too. The flowers are a magnet for bees and…

Hebe Carl Teschner ) Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: poor or moderately fertile, moist, well-drained neutral to slightly alkaline soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: June-August Hardiness: fully hardy

Front yards and backyards can equally benefit from these beautiful flowering shrubs. We’ll show you the best varieties to incorporate into your spring landscaping.

The Most Beautiful Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Mountain Laurel - If you take a springtime drive through the Appalachian Mountains you may see wild mountain laurels in flower on hillsides and meadows. This spectacular native evergreen shrub makes a great landscape plant sporting large clusters of cup-s

Shade-tolerant shrubs that are grown for their flowers are best planted where a little sun can filter through, such as near deciduous trees or a trellis.

Shrubs for Areas With High Shade

Proven Winners - Black Beauty™ - Elderberry - Sambucus nigra pink plant details, information and resources.

5th and state: How to add IMPACT to your Gardens

Tiarella ‘Crow’s Feather’, heuchera “Purple Petticoat” and a variegated hosta.