Siberian forest cat

Siberian forrest cat

Looks just like my Kim. He died the night before my son was born. I named him after the cat 51 years ago.

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What an adorable Maine Coon kitty! Ni Mim I will eat you up I love you so! Maine Coon Cat Kittens is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat.

I've heard that these cats (Siberians) don't bother people with allergies (my boyfriend). Possibility?? <3


Beautiful Siberian Cat = I have a beautiful Ragdoll, but this is the kind I want next or a Maine Coon or Norwegian` .

Siberian Cat - For people that are looking for a large sized, long coated cat breed, this is the cat for them. The Siberian Cat is a popular cat breed originally from Russia.This cat breed may also be known as Siberian Forest Cat, Moscow Semi-longhair, and Neva Masquerade in some locations.This cat breed has won over the hearts of their owners with ease. This is because they are very agile, intelligent, and playful.Owners can exp

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Breed Information; Overview, Characteristics, Temperament, Maintenance, and Photos. Read on to see if this is the cat for you!

Male Siberian cat from Italy... Wait, they make Siberian Cats?! To go with my Siberian Husky?! NO WAY!

Male Siberian cat from Italy. Wait, they make Siberian Cats? To go with my Siberian Husky? NO WAY!

My next cat -- Siberian Forest Cat -- adorable.  I wonder if they're cheaper if you just want for a pet and not "show quality".  Hypo allergenic!

My next cat -- Siberian Forest Cat -- adorable. I wonder if they're cheaper if you just want for a pet and not "show quality". keep toss the bright obnoxious shit.

Beautiful Siberian Cat

"No one can own a cat, but they will bless you with their company if they choose.

The Siberian Cat - the "Man's kitty"  Allergies are a problem for a lot of people, including those that are "Cat-positive". But, the joy of having an aloof, semi-independant furball in your life is possible with the Siberian Cat.   As far as house cats go, this is one of rarer breeds that can be considered a "Man's cat" with these cats tipping the scales at an average weight of 15lbs AND being bigger than that thing your bimbo girlfriend carries around with her and calls a "dog". ;)

Siberian Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

A Siberian cat is a charming and personable presence in the household. They like to be near their people, and do quite well with other animals and kids.

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I've never seen a cat in nature with such a heavy coat. "It is with the approach of Winter that cats wear their richest fur and assume an air of sumptuous and delightful opulence.

Siberian Cat, Astera Josephina Black silver mackerel tabby/white

Siberians cats are rarest and most beautiful cats. Their ancestors came from the forests of Siberia.