Printable Memory & Orientation Book with Safety Signs

External aids can help to jog memory during early stages. Reminders about where things are, saftey measures to take and seeing a friendly face or place can mean the difference in preventing harm, agitation and further confusion.

Montessori Activities for the Elderly. The description & outlook sounds OT. How come OT can be rebranded under another name & suddenly be fabulous & well-known (under the new name, of course!

THIS Subtle Dementia Symptom Sends Warning 9 Years Early

A bunch of things to know about dementia Differences Between Dementia amp; Alzheimer - Alternatives for .

Top Alzheimer's & Dementia Books for Caregivers

The Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementias, and Memory Loss: Nancy L. Mace, Peter V.

Blood test detects early signs of Alzheimer's and dementia

11 Early Signs of Dementia

Studies show exercise plays a vital role in managing type 2 diabetes, yet not enough people are physically active. Learn the best exercises to battle diabetes.

Help End Alzheimer's

The Alzheimer's Association is the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer's research.

Strange Signs Of Early Onset Dementia

Dementia can be a symptom of a variety of health issues, including Alzheimer's disease and other problems that cause changes in your brain. While it is rare for younger people (in theirs and to develop the condition, it is possible to experi…

11 Early Signs of Dementia

Not being able to recognize loved ones is a known effect of Alzheimer's, but other signs of dementia are less obvious. Learn more about early dementia symptoms.

Strange Signs Of Early Onset Dementia

You might have the occasional slip up and misplace your keys. While trekking downstairs to grab a set and prying open your door might be a hassle, it's pretty trivial. However, signs of early dementia are on a totally different scale, and it's best t…