#HAAwards - Best in Show: Blog Nominee - All of these blogs have a similar thread of trying to survive in the face of mental illness, but from very different perspectives.

- Paperboy Nominee - Bi[polar] Curious explores the infinite nature of the emotional spectrum that is the defining mark of bipolar disorder while asking questions addressing its curiosities.

DSM | psychiatry.org    read up on the dsm 5, where average human behavior is considered treatable under big farma drugs. Oh you get angry sometimes? sad? excited? heres a handful of pills for that!

DSM: the standard guide to mental disorders for U. mental health professionals, includes fetal alcohol syndrome for the first time.

The Face of Depression ---- The face of depression looks no different than any other face. Depression and other mental illnesses affect more than 10% of the population.

Verbal abuse signs and verbal abuse symptoms can be tough to identify, leaving victims full of self-doubt. Details on verbal abuse signs and symptoms.

Hospital imprisoned devoted spiritual author by claiming her prayers are a sign of mental illness

More proof that prayer works? Religious patients found to be healthier than others

The Science of Mental Illness. Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an empowering mobile app for overcoming anxiety. For iOS: http://cal.ms/1mtzooS For Android: http://cal.ms/NaXUeo

The Science of Health - "Research has demonstrated that an imbalance in brain chemicals can contribute to the development of some mental disorders. It’s suspected that this chemical imbalance impedes the ability of the brain to send messages in between

13 Warning Signs of Mental Illness

13 Warning Signs of Mental Illness

13 Warning Signs of Mental Illness, The popular misconception about mental disorders is that they're rare and are always someone else's problem, they'll nev

"Pastors are not meant to get therapy" vs. "Pastors really need to get therapy." I used to live by statement number one, probably why I ended up living statement number two. Let me start by saying that …  Those Who Suffer From Mental Health Problems Are Not A Failure http://www.happysonship.com/mental-health/

Those Who Suffer From Mental Health Problems Are Not A Failure

Therapy is not demonic. Taking antidepressants is not a sin. Seeing a psychiatrist is not anti-christian. Those who suffer from mental health problems are

Children can suffer from anxiety. Your child could be anxious, and often, he or she probably won’t tell you about it. Your son or daughter may not even know what anxiety is, much less how to properly handle it. Read this post for signs of anxiety to watch for in your child. Child anxiety symptoms. Child Anxiety help. Mental Illness in chlidren. Children's Healthcare Series @juliehoagwriter.com/

Signs your child is anxious. Parenting tips for an anxious child. How to spot signs of anxiety. Helping kids with anxiety.

13 Warning Signs of Mental Illness

13 Warning Signs of Mental Illness

All mood disorders start in the brain. Since the brain is an organ of the body, mood disorders are physical, biologically-based disorders. However, in mood disorders, the chemical processes responsible for normal brain function are disrupted.