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Silent hill downpour, sh: homecoming, sh the room, silent hill silent hill silent hill. I really love how this picture contrasts all of the silent hill characters from all of the games

Silent Hill and Kindergarten Cop

Silent Hill and Kindergarten Cop

Silent Hill Takes Place at the School From Kindergarten Cop: shut the front door!

Silent Hill & Gravity Falls. Possibly might be the best crossover ever. I love Gravity Falls and Silent Hill <3

Silent Hill and Gravity Falls crossover. Just imagine Dipper and pyramid head and Mabel and the killer nurse statutes (if they had a name.

Silent Hill Origin: Where all Begin

Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill: Origins, known as Silent Hill: Zero in Japan, is the fifth installment in the.

(*** - If you like bubble games for Android/iPhone, you'll LOVE this one. ***) Heather Mason

Heather Mason

Heather Mason, known as Cheryl Mason after the events of Silent Hill is the protagonist of.