If I had $50 to spare, I'd totally buy this gorgeous cover variant ;_;

Cindy Moon (Earth-616)

Cindy Moon aka Silk Marvel Comics 2015 I love the women of marvel.

Variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man # 18. Pencils by J. Scott Campbell

Variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man # Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Silk, Black Cat, & Deadpool.

Silk, by John Tyler Christopher

Amazing Spider-Man [Variant Cover] and Spider-Gwen [Variant Cover] Spider-Gwen [Variant Cover] and Silk [Variant Cover]

Silky Symbiote by emmshin

Here's a latest fan art commission cosplay inspired for my bro as Symbiote Spider-man w/Silk full artwork. Hope you like this one and I'm OPEN for COMMISSION su.

Forget Marvel's Spider-Woman; this girl deserves the title more! It's the first issue of "Silk" - giving the girl who also was bitten by the same radioactive spider her own life.

Cindy Moon Goes Solo as 'Silk,' Marvel's New Comic Heroine

One afternoon in late January, Howard Flysher, an avuncular with a neatly trimmed white short-boxed beard, walked the length of the towering book.Cindy Moon Goes Solo as 'Silk,' Marvel's New Asian Comic Heroine