Love this Shel Silverstein poem about making choices and the voice inside all of us. Values.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom – February 20, 2013

11 of Shel Silverstein's Most Weird and Wonderful Poems

#TBT: Happy Birthday, Shel Silverstein!

Like most kids, I heard poetry almost from the moment I popped out of the womb — in the lullabies and nursery rhymes my mom sang to me when putting me to bed, in Dr. Seuss books, and on Sesame Street. But when I think back on who really unlocked the …

One of my favorite Shel Silverstein sums up how I have been feeling recently.

shel silverstein:) I always say that I can't live with the "shoulda, woulda, couldas of life"

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Shel Silverstein Books

"Yesees and Noees" Shel Silverstein

"Yesees and Noees" Shel Silverstein My kids know this poem off by heart. I've told it to them 1000 times or more.