No stranger on the shore: Film noir star Robert Mitchum shows off his footwork

Forget today's tawdry spectacle, this was the Cannes Film Festival when stars still shone

One of my favourite images of the great Bob Mitchum. Like the contrast between the suit and the surf.

Simone Silva and Robert Mitchum, 1954 -

The Best, Weirdest, Most Memorable Moments in Cannes History

When Simone Silva posed topless at Cannes she inspired a melee where one photographer broke his arm and another broke his leg. She was later asked to leave the festival.

1954: Simone Silva poses topless with Robert Mitchum during the Cannes film festival. Having been elected 'Miss Festival', Simone Silva was asked to leave the festival after her semi-nude pose which resulted in one photographer breaking his arm and another his leg in the rush for pictures

Cannes Film Festival: all the glamour of the golden age in pictures

Starlet Simone Silva poses topless with idol Robert Mitchum at the Cannes Film Festival in

No booze depicted but I'm sure there was a lot of booze behind whatever was going on here

The Guy Quote – Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum freaking out after up-and-coming starlet, Simone Silva, removes her top during a photo shoot. At the time, Robert was in France with his wife on a romantic trip to help make up for all his recent playboying.

Natasha Parry in Dance Hall (1950)

Natasha Parry in Dance Hall

Jogo de banheiro feito com barbante de otima qualidade.

Jogo De Banheiro

Jogo de banheiro feito com barbante de otima qualidade.

Amor eterno by simon silva One that I don't have......I need it,too!

Simon Silva Mexican) I remember seeing this series of paintings as a little girl and adored them.

Simone Silva, Dishcloth, Vegetables, Fruits, Screen, Risks, Paintings, Tissue