In a world with endless things vying for your attention—urgent emails, social media notifications, and the rabbit hole of distractions that is the Internet, to name just a few—it can be refreshing, and even downright sanity-making, to create a minimalist living room free of clutter and distraction.

10 Minimalist Living Rooms to Make You Swoon

Round mirror, grey linen sofa, rope coil ottomans, plant, modern geometric living room design - neutral but interesting


Organized Linen Closet

How to maximize your storage space with simple linen closet organizational ideas.our bathroom closet drives me nutso!

Snuggle up without breaking the bank.

19 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Are $30 Or Less

Swing Shelf - Reclaimed Wood Shelf - Wood and Leather - Urban Shelf - Simple Hanging Shelf - Natural Wood Shelf - Bohemian Wood