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I love food formulas! Yogurt is a good base, too - The Simple Green Smoothie Formula on 100 Days of Real Food

7 Ways To Eat A Little Healthier This Week

7 Healthy Eating Tricks To Try This Week

SMOOTHIE BOWL: Swap your bowl of cereal (which is often full of empty calories and loads of sugar) for these healthy smoothie bowl options instead! Learn how to make these delish recipes including gre

HEALTHY SMOOTHIE IDEAS: Make your salad and veggies taste like dessert with these delish and easy smoothie ideas! Swap your bowl of cereal for one of these healthy ideas that can quickly be whipped up in the morning. Learn how to make tasty breakfast smoothies like green mango, green peach, banana nut, pina-colada, berry, and cherry nut, here!

47 Food Hacks to Help You Eat Healthier

Want to give your skin and insides some serious TLC? Try my green simple blend and glow elixir for it's sweet n spicy combo of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant perks. This powerful detox will revive, refresh, and make you glow.

The best thing I ever did for my health was to take a 7 day Green Smoothie Challenge. I stuck to it completely for 7 days and lost 6 pounds! I couldn't believe how much energy I had and my cravings totally went away. I definitely want to do this again.

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Mango and pineapple green smoothie bowl

We've taken a kid favorite and turned it into our delicious Almond Butter and Jelly Green Smoothie.

Top Green Smoothie Recipes - Simple Green Smoothies I AM HOOKED ON green smoothies! Eat one for breakfast every day!

Green Smoothie Recipes

Substitution ideas for bananas, plus Yummy Banana-Free Green Smoothie Recipes - Simple Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies: The Quickest, Healthiest Meal! - Simple Green Smoothies

Turn ANY green smoothie into a MEAL

Green Smoothies: The Quickest, Healthiest Meal! The key to replacing meals with green smoothies is including HEALTHY FATS and PROTEINS. Here's five of our favorite combos when drinking green smoothies as meal replacements

13 DIY Smoothies to Boost Your Energy & Clean Your Soul | Easy DIY Crafts, Fun Projects, & DIY Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults

Detoxifying Energy Boosting Smoothies

Guide to making the ultimate Green Smoothie for health, weight loss, and energy. Great for reference!*Guide to making the ultimate Green Smoothie for health, weight loss, and energy. Great for reference!

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge! - Simple Green SmoothiesSimple Green Smoothies

Join the Green Smoothie Challenge and drink a daily cup of nutritional goodness packed with your favorite fruits (and soon-to-be favorite leafy green veggies).

Healthy green smoothies for weight loss.

5 Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies to Help You Shed Pounds Quickly

Simple green smoothie. Blend 1 c spinach with 1 c water,  then add 1 banana, 1/2 c frozen pineapple, 1/2 c frozen mango and blend again

Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

INGREDIENTS 2 cups fresh spinach 2 cups water 1 cup mango 1 cup pineapple 2 bananas Use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie. We often use frozen mangos and bananas in our green smoothies.