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I put the best efforts of mine together to accumulate best, cool, creative and some really scary Halloween pumpkin carving ideas.

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DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Welcome to this is how we mommy! We're simply learning as we go, but join us and watch us thrive, fail, pick ourselves back up and try again.

We all grew up doing it:  drawing a design on a pumpkin, cutting it open and scooping out the guts and seeds, often up to our elbows in the stringy mess, then cutting out the shapes to make a smiley, spooky or weird face. But today there are dozens of different and unique

10 Unique Ways to Carve & Decorate Pumpkins

These Woodland Creature No-Carve Pumpkins are the perfect way to dress up your pumpkins this fall. If you love pumpkins, but loathe carving them, this is the project for you!

Woodland Creature No-Carve Pumpkins

creative pumpkin decorating ideas - no carve pumpkin decorating ideas for kids of all ages!

Halloween Theme - Stylish pumpkins for your stylish Halloween party.

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