Good Life Quote Ru ( for more… – Curiano Quotes Life

Good Life Quote Ru ( for more... - Curiano Quotes Life

"You always did have this uncanny knack for knowing when I was upset. Unseen, unheard, across whatever distance… somehow you always knew. And you’d send me a message to let me know you were thinking about me… and you made it better." - Ranata Suzuki * word porn, poetry, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, quote, positive, inspiring, inspirational, true love, thoughts, soulmate, meant to be, tu me manques, heart, deep love, support, I miss you *

Or a simple spoken "you okay?

“How do you love someone and just… walk away? Just like that. You just, go on as normal…. You get up, get dressed, go to work… How can you do that? How can you be okay with that?” – Ranata Suzuki quote * The Love Bits image, missing you, I miss him, lost, tumblr, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, quote, sad, breakup, broken heart, heartbroken, loss, loneliness, depression, depressed, unrequited, word porn, relatable *

Yes but even importantly how are you sleeping next to a trailer park whore within days of saying you truly love me and all you can think about is us, DBO?

Honour the space

Just stumbled across this cool page for Kris Aquino

So fucking true! I always wanted a guy I was dating to talk about my positive attributes, instead of telling me how great some other girl was... once the second or 3rd time occurred, I just said... go date her then....

Every woman deserves a man who will proudly praise her in front of other women, not the on who praises other women in front of her.

First Simple Rule In Life...

In case you expected someone to hand it to you; As a matter of fact while you're waiting for it to come flying to you someone is out to get it.

Every now and then we all hit a wall where we’re just not feeling inspired to do much of anything (other than spending a few hours scrolling through our social media feeds). When that feeling hits, resisting the temptation to procrastinate can seem like a superhuman achievement. But with these 16 simple tricks, motivation comes easier than ever — no radioactive spiders or toxic sludge required.

16 Easy-To-Try Motivation Tips To Get More Done - #Infographic