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familyfunds family last name amount. EX: familyfunds scott 000 is the most money you can get)

My Sims 3 Blog: Hair Retextures by I Like Teh Sims

i-like-teh-sims: “ NEWSEA LAVENDER - ALPHA EDIT Lil presents for you baboos. I passive aggressively hinted at taking requests for little hair edits and Rachel took the bait and suggested this one.

Newsea`s hair dump by Magically Delicious for Sims 3 - Sims Hairs -

Newsea's Hair dump retexture by Magically Delicious Nice!

Condo Home Office by pyszny16 - Sims 3 Downloads CC Caboodle  Check more at

Condo Home Office is for those sims who like to work in open space. It simply use of space in small houses where every inch is really important. Why you have to add another room to work when u can.

Villa Camilla by Ayyuff / For more daily Sims 3 & 4 pins follow

Partly furnished house with 6 bathrooms. Found in TSR Category 'Sims 3 Residential Lots'

Ohbehave's Junk Trunk: The Cubby Hole (Requested @ Tumblr) ~ this is for the sims 2 but is great inspo ~

Ohbehave's Junk Trunk: The Cubby Hole <<<<Ooh and on the right those little drawers could be pull out bookshelves.