Create a charging station that is not only practical, but looks pretty too. You can DIY this hanging basket, and free up some counter space in your kitchen, too!

15 Organization DIYs That Will Make Your Kitchen Pretty

I teach Kindergarten and we sing songs all day! I sing this song as well transition to "carpet" or "circle" time. My kiddos need a poster to reference it and I use this to teach the song. There are 2 different versions (in the preview) one with no pictures and larger font and one with pictures.Please leave feedback if you are downloading!If you have any suggestions, or would like to edit it please feel free to ask or e-mail me at chacker@sixmilecharter.orgThank you for your support!

Carpet Song

This carpet time song is a great reminder or how to be during circle time. I could use it even as a reminder, mid lesson, if students were having a hard time remember carpet time educate.

Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies via @dailydishrecipes

Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies via @dailydishrecipes

FREE Roll a Rhyme with THREE levels of rhyming fun: 1- matching rhyming pictures, 2- matching pictures to rhyming words, 3- matching just the words | This Reading Mama

Roll a Rhyme - Rhyming Activity {FREE}

FREE Roll a Rhyme with three levels of rhyming fun: 1 - matching rhyming pictures, 2 - matching pictures to rhyming words, 3 - matching just the words

friendly letter song, love this! (eency weeny spider tune)

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Friendly letter song to the tune of "Incy Wincy Spider" or maybe you know it better as "Itsy Bitsy Spider" A great idea to remember the layout of a letter when teaching someone.

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ZodiacSpot - Your all-in-one source for Astrology Dang, this is so me. I have to vent or lose it and then I be just fine.