5 top tips for training your voice as an actor or singer. This clearly gives five of the basic key points to think about, and explains why they are needed in a simple and concise way.

How to train your voice. In college I got A's in both piano, guitar, music jazz history, and history of rock and roll. Soon ear training and voice will be in my future. "Miss Tress" LOL!

How to write a song in 10 steps as a beginner? The infographic shows you how to get song ideas, write lyrics, find chords, structure the song and record online for free.

Sometimes it's easier to NOT go in chronological order. And NEVER write lyrics before chords and top line!

I will start off small like buying a microphone and making covers at home. Você não sabe onde encontrar bilhetes e comprar ingressos para os concertos que tanto deseja assistir em breve? Então, visite esta página agora em http://mundodemusicas.com/compra-de-ingressos/

Lista de plataformas online para Compra de Ingressos

Can anyone learn to sing? The verdict is out! Click here to learn more: http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/infographic-can-anyone-learn-to-sing/

The infographic "Can Anyone Learn to Sing?" summarizes findings from recent research studies to support the idea that singing is a learned skill.

The Ultimate Guide to Singing Styles and Genres http://takelessons.com/blog/vocal-exercises-by-genre-z02?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=Pinterest

There are so many different singing styles and genres - what are the best vocal exercises for singers of each style? Check out this ultimate guide to learn!

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He actually doesn’t come in until “democratic republicans”.  He isn’t southern and uses pretty mild language throughout the play.

I’m the cast recording, Burr only sings ‘democratic republicans’ and it’s Jefferson and Madison doing the whole ‘southern motherf*cking democratic republicans’