Sirius player

I feel like even without the prophecy, Potter would be a big political player (as far and magic middle school politics go). That, and come on, who wouldn't love the marauders as parent(al extensions)

A betting pool on Howlers Harry receives if Lily and James had survived

✨ "kidร αяє รтill dєρяєรรєd wнєи yσυ dяєรร тнєм υρ." ✨

Louis - the optimistic football player /w the punk rock aesthetic.

15 Benefits of Learning Guitar

15 Benefits of Learning Guitar

I did wrote a song about my ex. It was an angry song. I would like to write a happy song about my future forever.

McGonagall and Potter and Weasley kids< I love this cannon so much better than her dreading the next generation, and I can see Neville helping her out

He's just the man.  Glad he's in more people's conscious these days.  He's been worthy of it for years and years.

The Ten: Best Actors of All Time Relay

What style, tho' maybe a bit overdressed for a day on the shopfloor. Gary Oldman wears Paul Smith bespoke dinner suit, and Paul Smith London dress shirt. Bow tie and pocket square, both Paul Smith, made bespoke for Oldman.