Sirius snape

Harry Potter - James, Lily, Harry, Sirius, Snape and McGonagall (Source : @transfigurationprodigy on tumblr)

And Eve has one too. Because you know that they are the ones who ended up taking care of her if they lived.

Sirius and Snape in the afterlife. Sass.

Sirius and Snape in the afterlife. "Heard you were killed by a snake." "Still better.than being a curtain.

❝ — witching hour.

Niall Underwood at FM London photographed by Daniel Fraser and styled by Jordan Dean Schneider.

Sirius & Snape

wow I just watched the movie AGAIN and was looking for this post Finally found it Also there was a line that Snape says- Look at you, fighting like anold married couple

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