Yep. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the people in my life and they love me.

30 Best Friend Quotes

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Happy 40th Birthday Darren Love, Mum, Dad, Debbie, Donna, Chloe and Dylan xxxxxx

In memory of our mom who went to heaven in 2003 .We miss you on your birthday and everyday. WE LOVE YOU!

Oh, my darling daughter, I miss you SO much!  So much so, that it is sometimes hard to breathe.

♥ Thank you for the Precious Memories. Thank you dad for loving us so deeply that there is no doubt of the love that we shared.

Still have your number on my phone mum and sometimes I ring you .......what I wouldn't do to have you answer x

Miss that name & pic showing up on my phone. Don't forget about that ringtone. Got me checking my phone every time it rings.

T T missing you Always Remembered, never forgotten. Loved beyond measure ❤ ❤

Mama missing everything about YOU my Angel Wayne

A non religious funeral poem

I keep telling myself that you are in a better place, away from all the sufferings. But a world without you has given me nothing to look forward to.

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