... Six Word Story ...

And like rain, you let me slip through your fingers. But what loss was it to you? Someone that came into my life with no real intention of loving me. I'm just a man that lives with your ghost and watches you love others.

Six word story

What we almost had, it gave me a glimpse of what my life could've been (what our lives could've been) had we made this work

Six word story

How can emptiness be so heavy? - SIx Word Story (via drupahti)

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Six word story - we’re all trying to forget someone.

I love you, you love her.

For the blue eyed boy with scruffy brown hair who writes his declarations of love in ink that gets washed away. Who I desperately don't want to love, but do.

Just a little bit of time... la la la...

Time with you isnt a waste, but still. lets waste time just for a moment