Every Monday features a tip, exercise, inspiring quote or other tidbit to help boost your body image. For many of us, Mondays are tough. We may feel anxious and stressed out, anticipating an arduous week, especially if we didn’t get much rest and relaxation...

Writing a Body Image Memoir

A fantastic creative writing assignment for any age. Write your memoir in exactly six words. "I'll always be a middle child." I think this could be a great way to get students thinking about their personal narratives!

Six word memoirs: more than just a twitter feed |                                                                                                                                                      More

Emily Lloyd of Eden Prairie Hennepin County Library has been asking people for their six word memoirs for some time, and hopes to get all of Minneapolis to participate.

"She never stopped hearing her heart." | "I shop, therefore I am (poor)." | How would you up your life in six words? Six-word memoirs.

six-word memoirs

they asked what it felt like, a six word story ~ Emma Bleker

Underneath you, i erupt into stars” -they asked what it felt like, a six word story -Emma Bleker