Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Screaming PBR Pabst Beer Hand 8 0 | eBay

Santa Cruz Skateboards: Decks: x PBC PBR Hand Powerply Deck. by far one of my favorite decks

vintage vhs skateboard deck

Extraordinary Skateboard Designs

Another really funny and creative deck design. I could see skaters in their late twenties and thirties buying this. While there isn't really a specific focal point it is still a really fun design to look at.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Skateboard Deck Art - Space Art - Spray Paint Art - Girl with Balloons Silhouette - Wall Art - Collectors

drawing on Skateboard Deck

I really love the hand done illustration feel this skateboard has. I like how they used on thing (the tentacle) over and over again just in different positions to evoke a cool yet erie feeling.

RipNDip Falling For Nermal 8.25" Skateboard Deck

Add some fun to your complete with a Lord Nermal double middle finger graphic on a blue sky deck with slight concave for crisp pop.