#CrewLove - badass squads of skater girls as they sound off on sisterhood and the sickest spots to shred in their cities.

Meet The Coolest All-Girl Skate Squads In The Country

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The Dream of the California Skater Girl Is Alive and Well

[It is interesting that this is called skating. Skating makes me think of roller skating (blading) and ice skating.

freepeople: Go girl. photo...

I Do Not agree with hurting over what? Nope nope no. I never claimed to even like skating or skaters. That whole skater boi song? I don't even know who sings it I am Not(Favorite Pins People)

OK MAG: The Sound Of Violence - Parte Dois

OK MAG: The Sound Of Violence - Parte Dois

Improve my balance and cross this one off...Skater-Girl-Style

She's Not Afraid - 2 in one day?