@woopixa The Dream of the California Skater Girl Is Alive and Well

The Dream of the California Skater Girl Is Alive and Well

[It is interesting that this is called skating. Skating makes me think of roller skating (blading) and ice skating.

Meet The Coolest All Girl Skate Squads In The Country

Meet The Coolest All-Girl Skate Squads In The Country


I really like the black and white filter that has been used on this photograph, which seems to be a common film among skateboarding photography.

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きらめく海へ!~TDS15周年Anniversary~ | Llittle Ballerina Gallery

きらめく海へ!~TDS15周年Anniversary~ | Llittle Ballerina Gallery

Seems like gravity was different in the 80's! #skateboarding

I have a middle schooler's obsession with surfing, skating, stooging boys - black and white photography


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