This eternal reminder of how awkward it is to sit when you’re wearing shorts.

17 Pictures That Sum Up The Life Of A Really Skinny Girl

When people tell me I´m skinny - Google Search

You need to stop eating cheeseburgers lol

I agree 100 percent. Do not judge me for working hard for my body. I am damn proud to be a below average American weighing woman. I am naturally skinny but I choose to be healthy and diet and exercise right!

Cassi Van Den Dungen hits out at 'overweight hypocrites' on Instagram

This is so true! Why is there a certain way for beauty? If people believe being really skinny is beauty then it is. If people think being really overweight is beauty then it is. There is no specific "beautiful" thing. Every thing is beautiful:) ♡

I like these skinny girl quotes!! :) make me feel like there otherw people who are like me, hate  having to see girls put us down!


this is what researchers have termed: "the skinny backlash", and ya know what? I couldn't agree more! "Real Women" do not have curves! "Real Women" have a vagina and are breathing. We are ALL real women!

All sizes are beautiful. Big, skinny, curvy, chubby, slim etc.

Big, skinny, curvy, chubby, slim etc. Even though I'm chubby I don't think ppl should put down anyone for their size

Skinny shaming is just much of a thing as fat shaming. Both are just as bad as each other

society as a whole sees skinny as beautiful. Being overweight is in no way seen as beautiful. fat shaming is CLEARLY worse. though skinny shaming (or any body type) should be ashamed.

What Real Men Like

I'm so tired of the "curvy girls are better than skinny girls" garbage! It only makes you just as horrible as the skinny girls that make fun of full figured women.

Haha. Haters gonna hate. Now make me a sandwich since you keep insisting that I eat one. <<<<< this persons comment though

I wish I could say this out loud. Especially to all of the people who think it's perfectly fine to make all sorts of rude comments about my weight! Why so much skinny hate? You wouldn't tell an overwei

Why is it okay to make fun of skinny girls but completely horrible and rude to make fun of fat girls?

Why is it okay to make fun of skinny girls but completely horrible and rude to make fun of fat girls? I'm not saying be mean to fat girls, I'm saying be nice to skinny girls too.

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39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

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