Cook. I'm not being funny, but he is flipping gorgeous

James Cook // Skins // Generation good sweater for josh.

“Lo más difícil es matar a los monstruos dentro de ti, sin matarte en el proceso”.skins

Las mejores frases de Skins para recordar que seremos jóvenes por siempre

Cassie maxxie michelle sid effy tony anwar jal and chris

Uhhhh...Serien! Was gibt´s besseres? Und "Skins" ist eine meiner Lieblings Serien! Ich bin praktisch mit Ihr Teenager geworden! Oder so...und ist es verrückt, wenn Ich sage, dass Cookie mein absoluter Favorit ist? Und natürlich Effy;)

I can't decide whether generation 2 or 1 are my favourite Skins cast

3 Days and All Open Pores Will Disappear From Your Skin Forever

We all have millions of skin pores on our skin but they are not visible with naked eye but as your get older or sometimes because of other factors also pores become visible on your skin and looks really bad but they are not permanent if you want you can s

April Pearson, Joe Dempsie, Mitch Hewer, Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult, Larissa Wilson, Mike Bailey, Hannah Murray (Skins - Generation One)

Skins (Generation 1): Where Are They Now?

Anybody else feel they would prefer to live the life of someone from skins

cook is such a gorgeously fucked up character, and sometimes i have a very hard time liking him, but that's what makes it hurt even more when he shows how truly broken he is. like naomi said, he isn't as bad as everyone thinks. he's just hurting

Skins Generations


Cast of Skins generations 2 and This show is actually so relatable x

Skins makes me cry every time. They have such good character development.

My all time favorite character Chris, Skins UK. Best example of "the good die young" ever :,(

Skins... so hooked on this show! Season 1 and 2 cast is the best!

Skins UK, Tony - "I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide.