Pas mal ! Mais peut-être pas pratique dans la vie de tous les jours... #technology

Bad ass helmet or just bad? What do you guys gals think about this mechanical skull helmet? - uploaded by

Skull Leather Jacket - Leather Jacket by Black Premium by EMP

Skull Leather Jacket

I can see this under a bucket helmet. (Skull Leather Jacket by Black Premium by EMP)

Best motorcycle helmet ever! (WALTERRIFIC) - 9GAG

Best motorcycle helmet ever! (WALTERRIFIC)

Walterrific Motorcycle Helmet & parts. Cool guy, makes funny videos, got some nice gear and bike

Motorcycle Themed handmade drawing helmet with skull.

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halo helmet 1 whoever is behind this masterpiece is my hero! I'm very interested to learn how they did the L.E.DS inside the helmet and projecting an image or design while still being able to see while wearing it  :)

Rob of Doc Dailey Designs has made several props inspired by Halo, but his new alternate pilot helmet might be his best work yet. He worked with Stony Props on the lighting elements, and the result…