SLAM DUNK, YouQian Liu on ArtStation at

SLAM DUNK, YouQian Liu on ArtStation at

slam dunk photo: Sakuragi Hanamichi Sakuragi6.png

slamdunk - sakuragi king of rebound and dunk. main character, he is so funny.

Slam Dunk! Slam Dunk Deluxe

He got me on game versus kainan. My jersey is also yes i choose my bbal jersey cause of anime

Winners slam dunk

O mundo surpreendente e “real” das artes de Takehiko Inoue

Slam Dunk 181: Newbie Sakuragi at

Slam Dunk Newbie Sakuragi at MangaFox.

Slam Dunk - Illustration Book

In honor of basketball, a sport I love no matter how poorly my Knicks have done over the past several years, I've selected "The Jam" .

SLAM DUNK, Masterpiece of Manga

Slam Dunk by Inoue Takehiko It was awesome meeting the author at a book fair ages ago and I had this particular poster signed. I'm usually not into sports manga but this had enough laughs and drama to keep me hooked.