I like to embrace all my moods. Don't want to make any of them feel left out.

Those fat cells are the ones I want to die off yet those stubborn bastards seem to have an eternal lifespan ( well as long as I live, any longer is irrelevant to me after I die thereafter ) Then again maybe we get rearcarnated ? If so my excess fat could be reduced with a younger metabolism or be much worse ? ( what the hell , time will tell )

My brain cells, skin cells, and hair cells, continue to die. But my stubborn fat cells seem to have eternal life.

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A good word for many of us fibro CFS Warriors- Marcid- incredibly exhausted/withered- just loved this!

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Haha yes! I remember the days watching him & feeling so damn jealous. I was up with the baby while he slept all through every single night. Lord, next husband will have to step it up. :) send me a good one!

Tieredness of life im sick to death of this feeling why cant it just fuck off? and leave me? isted i haft to bring my girlfriend down with me  sorry baby <3

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no amount of sleep in the world coulld cure the tiredness i feel. - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

For the sleep deprived moms! Mutusystem.com #funny #humor #parenting #motherhood #moms #momhumor #mums

For the sleep deprived moms! Mutusystem.com #funny #humor #parenting #motherhood #moms #momhumor #mums