Photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression

Photographer Edward Honaker Documents His Own Depression

Scary thoughts: Edward combined portraits of himself falling, drowning, and sleeping to portray his mental state in the picture titled Bad Dreams / Worse Reality.

Fashion Sketchbook with a mixed media layout, fashion design drawings, research  geometric pattern development; fashion portfolio // Ania Leike

Sleep Paralysis

Fashion Sketchbooks, Artist Study with thanks to Ania Leike for Art School Students, CAPI Create Art Portfolio Ideas

Have You Woken Up At Night And Were Unable To Move And Felt Paralyzed. It Means This - Has this ever happened to you? Pass it on  -

Sleep paralysis - one of the creepiest human brain produced phenomenons, that anyone can go through. Music in the background is royalty free Produced by Kevi.

Sleep Terror Clothing  Halloween oblige, on se devait de faire un petit clin d’oeil à cette marque de NYC, dont les tee-shirts ont pour thème exclusif l’horreur, les monstres et les cauchemars. Son fondateur, Jonathan Chau souffre de paralysie du sommeil (son esprit reste éveillé tandis que son corps est complètement endormi). Durant ces épisodes de “demi-sommeil”, il rencontre des créatures...  #Halloween #lifestyle #fashion #terror #Tshirts…

The Awake And Unafraid tee features a sinister monster that lurks under your bed with thousands of eyes and teeth!

"Haunting surreal photography from Nicolas Bruno show the nightmares he's experienced while suffering from sleep paralysis" I HATE THAT FEELING

Haunting Surreal Images from Nicolas Bruno's Nightmares

Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs by photographer Nicolas Bruno