Another one of my fave songs on the album, better off dead! Sleeping with sirens. From the album madness.

Maybe I'm better off dead, if I was would it finally be enough, to shut out all those voices in my head ~Better off dead ~Sleeping with sirens ~Madness

Sleeping With Sirens Cartoon | art & design sleeping with sirens kellin quinn sws animated GIF

kellin quinn sws animated GIF this has to be my favorite GIF of all time like i almost cried

My favourite song by Sleeping with sirens - Better off dead

If I was I wouldn't be in this mess, I wouldn't be feeling dead but still be alive, I wouldn't be fighting off the urge to use the blade over and over again, and if I was I wouldn't be living this life that is taking its sweet time to end my life

if i'm james dean, then i'm audrey hepburn. sleeping with sirens. ♥

Not all heroes wear capes. My heroes happen to be covered in tattoos and they yell a bunch :) Kellin Quinn. Sleeping With Sirens. The quote here would be cute as a tattoo :)

Sleeping with sirens - Feel (Vinyl)

Sleeping with sirens - Feel (Vinyl)