Tiny anchor tattoo on the right inner ankle….

Tiny anchor tattoo on the right inner ankle

Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany)

Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany) (Tattoologist)

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why I pinned it

poignet 42 Beautifully Simple And Perfectly Formed Small Wrist Tattoos. I think I know what my first tattoo is. A small anchor on my wrist. Symbolism would be the Jesus is my anchor. He keeps me still in times of storms.

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Rib small but cute tattoo design for girls. Anchor tattoo behind the ear. Anchor tattoo on ankle. Anchor tattoo on upper back.

Free As A Bird

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Do foot tattoos hurt? Cute and small foot tattoos for women, girls and men with flowers, butterflies or words. Inspirational cute and pretty Foot Tattoos.