Cretan pots at Highgrove

Cretan pots at Highgrove (Grouped, not isolated).Prince Charles, but this would work equally well in a small garden.

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Decorate your outdoor space with mirrors

Manicured square of cosmos surrounds this antique urn. So different and so lovely. - Gardening Prof

Put the grill in the middle of it. A block planting of white cosmos surrounds an antique urn and grass paths.

Garden Graffiti (Part 5) "It's a Small World"  (....small space garden inspirations)

Tree Potting: Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicholai). Image from Adam Robinson Design's Casaba Waterloo White project

Small garden with sun area and even a small lawn and shed - Good design in a small space, although slightly too much Gary paving for my taste

15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 5

Small Backyard, Small Back Garden, Walled Garden Small Yard. I liked the way they used this space. Narrow yards can be hard.

Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty' - The wax-like, creamy-white sepals, which surround a prominent boss of cream anthers, emerge from pale green buds and become paler, and more flared at their tips as they mature. These small, nodding, urn-shaped flowers contrast well with the rich green foliage.

Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty' (Clematis anshunensis, Clematis clarkeana, Old Man's Beard) Half-hardy Perennial (Winter flowering)

Kensington Courtyard - English Gardens - Design & Landscaping Ideas (

Beautiful English gardens

From country cottage gardens to grand estates, be inspired by these quintessentially English garden designs

Big mirror, pretty chair, pretty trees. Possibly do for our patio? Can we hang on the wall in any way?

Liking the wrought iron console, big chunky candle sticks, wall light, decorative urns with grren conifers. Beautiful effect and the mirror on the outside of a pool house.

Cromwell sawn. Stonemarket.

Cromwell indigenous stone garden paving in an elegant buff colour, expertly quarried in Northern England - view photos and read more.

NYC rooftop garden. Deborah Burke & Partners Architects with Gunn Landscape Architecture and Vert Gardens

Double Feature: Gunn Landscape Architecture / Vert Gardens

Like repetitive planters. Deborah Burke & Partners Architects with Gunn Landscape Architecture and Vert Gardens