garden makeover after shot of tsukubai garden

Before & After: Tsukubai Front Garden

Japanese Maples add such vibrant colors and unique shapes to any landscape.  And they can be grown in containers!

Japanese Maples: So Many Awesome Colorful Varieties To Choose From

Japanese Maples are some of the most brilliant trees to add to your landscape when vibrant colors are desired and the colors aren& limited to only shades of red. When it comes to Japanese Maples most… -possibly for the front-

Small Japanese garden design

Japanese garden style is just perfect for small gardens. The tiniest space can fit a small Japanese garden. Japanese houses make the most of every bit of garden space, and often have small gardens squeezed a long a narrow pathway, or between two.

This is really pleasing to me.

Small Japanese garden design

Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas As Contemporary Garden Furniture For Design Home Appealing Garden Furniture Creations For Inspiration Interior Diy Decoration : Decoration Small Garden In The Japanese Style Design Ideas

Small Japanese garden - Séjour chez les geishas

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ABOUT THE PROJECT Dimensions: 1.8m x 3m – 5.4 m2 Build time: 1 week The brief from our client was to introduce the sound of running water, create a seating area and to …

ABOUT THE PROJECT Dimensions: x – Build time: 1 week The brief from our client was to introduce the sound of running water, create a seating area and to … - Gardening Ideas

Look out for Berberis thunbergii 'Orange Sunrise' it's a real stunner as you can see!

Berberis thunbergii 'Orange Sunrise' PBR - Barberry, 'Orange Sunrise' Japanese barberry (Pretty but ouchie!

A small Japanese garden!  I hadn't thought of doing that!

Family friendly- a small Japanese garden retreat at the end of an urban backyard that still allows for traditional deck, lawn and borders.