A teeny tiny kitten somehow managed to trap itself inside a large vase and was unable to get out

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"Inside every small kitten there is a BIG cat waiting to leap out!"

Let your dreams change reality . Don't let reality change your dreams. Always see yourself greatness.

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“I’m right here, guys.”

So cute. Sorry the owner worried for so long. For those of you who commented or read comments. I think I successfully removed the vulgar comment & blocked the Pinner "donut".

One of my favorite things in the world...a newborn kitten...

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why would people say such nasty things, it's a poor lost little kitten, scared and innocent, just because it's black how uneducated are you?

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Eigentlich darf ich nicht in Mamis Bett, aber man kann's ja mal versuchen!? :o))

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