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Multi Headed Sagos: Should You Prune Sago Heads - Sago palms normally have one main stem separating out to several slender stems topped with wide sets of leaves. Occasionally, however, you will find sago with multiple heads.

Low Growing Palm Trees: What Are Some Short Height Palm Trees - Small palm trees are an excellent and versatile addition to a yard. Miniature palm trees are generally defined as being under 20 feet tall, which in terms of palms is really quite short. Learn more about using these trees in this article.

Small Palm Trees – Learn About Different Types Of Miniature Palm Trees

A beautiful container palm that will flourish indoors and out.

Pygmy Date Palm

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Cyrtostachys renda, also known by the common names red sealing wax palm and lipstick palm, is a palm that is endemic to the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo. Because of its bright red colored crownshafts and leaf sheaths, Cyrtostachys renda has become

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In feng shui plants play an important role. Plants bring a life force into your home. Use the correct plants for changing the chi or energy and watch your mood change.

Small Palm Tree Tattoo

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Ruffled fan palm. Licuala grandis is a very attractive, slow growing palm that can get up to 10ft tall, but usually doesn’t get higher than 6ft with a spread of 5-10ft wide.

Take a look at these beautiful pictures of the Ruffled Fan Palm Tree, scientific name Licuala grandis. It is an exotic fan palm that is well-known for its

26 Small Palm Trees Gardening Ideas For Your Backyard

26 Small Palm Trees Gardening Ideas For Your Backyard