the evolution of the smart car, which would you rather drive?

Evolution of the Smart Car. - (I know some of these are photoshopped of the real cars, but they still make me smile)

The smart fortwo went all out for this one. This BRABUS Ultimate120 means business. Photo credit: @toshikazu_ukai on Instagram

She would think of the time he protected her from those bad men . Then going to the dinner. Next her touching him when the heat in the car was too warm .

Smart Car trailer. "This is great for when you buy furniture and want to save on shipping charges." What? "Furniture?" hahaha. But yeah, LIKE.

Now you have a regular car trunk and regular gas mileage for twice the cost.

Hermes Smart ForTwo. Looks like fun.

convertible smart car with pink interior.this will be my side car one day :)

Shelby  Smart Car Body Kit

It’s not a Golf Cart w/ a grill. It’s a Smart Car… With a Body Kit. That's right smart car body kits.

15 Coolest Smart Cars (smart cars, coolest cars) - ODDEE

15 Coolest Smart Cars - smart cars, coolest cars

2013 Smart Car

If you want an electric car, there are now 14 different models with plugs to choose from. But if you want an electric convertib.