Do you spend hours, days, weeks, dreaming of escaping to to the West Country… …

The pretty walk home in Plymouth, Devon, England (bluebells and wild garlic) - photo by Hazel Mansell-Greenwood

The cutest pastel pink home in London! A little color never hurt anyone right? #accent

The cutest pastel pink home in London.>> this is so weird but I can smell London from this pic 💔

Trinity College - University of Cambridge, England

Trinity College, University of Cambridge, England. It is the largest college in either of the Oxbridge universities.

This is St. Paul's cathedral. The cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren to be re-built after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Even if you are not particularly religious, you can still go and view the beauty of the cathedral.

St Paul's Cathedral, London - Interior of St Paul's, looking towards the east by Sir Christopher Wren

Plasticine - loved the smell. So special to open a new pack. Before long the children rolled them all together in an unattractive sludge. aug16

Plasticine - I loved the way the colours stayed separate, unlike Playdoh, where everything combined to make a murky greeny-brown after a while.

Spin us faster faster faster on the Waltzers - took my Nan on this, almost finished her off!!

When the travelling funfair came to town I would always be found at the Waltzers. Best ride of all I loved the Waltzers.

Bluebells, Coton Manor Gardens, England.  Loved the bluebell woods!

Bluebells in Coton Manor Gardens, England. I used to play in Bluebell woods as a child in England.