The guy from the bathroom company came to visit for measurements. He fancies himself as a bit of a profiler. He was convinced he had walked into a bachelor pad because of the car/bike + "masculine" living room decor. All the l/r decor was my idea. (all channelled from my divine masculine side a year and a half ago lol)

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It is hilarious how delusional you are..... as if! As if you can afford it As if you can fit in it As it you won't look like a brick shitter

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Good Morning Sleepyhead ...Rise And Shine!☀️☀️

Good morning my beautiful sweetheart hope you had a good night.


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Hello,  MidnightBlue!!!!.......AnyOne There??? Just stopping by to say  "Hola", _  from  Nancy & Angelo  =))

Just stopping by to say "Hola", _ from Nancy & Angelo =))