Smitten Kitchen's Jacked-Up Banana Bread. I substituted coconut oil for the butter, and used half whole-wheat flour. Delicious!

Source Source Smitten Kitchen Jacked Up Banana Bread Ingredients 3 to 4 ripe bananas, smashed cup melted salted.

marbled banana bread |

marbled banana bread Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now!), I received an email from someone was looking for a recipe for a chocolate-van…

Chocolate Banana Bread | a Couple Cooks

Chocolate Banana Bread

Decadent Chocolate Banana Bread In honor of the upcoming holiday that celebrates sugar, here it is: a recipe with flour, sugar, and butter. Unlike our normal habit, we didn't try to make it gluten-free or naturally sweet. It's lightly adapted from Deb…

***LOVE***  Smitten Kitchen - Jacked-up Banana Bread  (easy recipe; short list of ingredients; fruits)

***LOVE*** Smitten Kitchen - Jacked-up Banana Bread (easy recipe; short list of ingredients;

Not 10 seconds after I hit “publish” on Tuesday’s fall-toush salad, pretty much out of the clear...

carrot cake with cider and olive oil (smitten kitchen)

Crackly Banana Bread Recipe

Crackly multigrain banana bread by Smitten Kitchen. I'm coming for you, crackly banana bread, just as soon as I have a functional oven again.

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double chocolate banana bread (smitten kitchen)

I have a theory that Mondays are for repentance, for undoing whatever damages to your liver, psyche or saddlebags you’ve done over the weekend. They’re for getting back on the gym horse…