salted chocolate chunk cookies - smitten kitchen I used 1+1/4 c unbleached flour and 2/4c Millet flour I omitted about 2 tbsp sugar. Rest was about 2/3 coconut sugar, and 1/3 white sugar.

salted chocolate chunk cookies

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies - Crisp-edged, soft within, finished with a faint crunch of sea salt, and absolutely puddled with chocolate.

I have, for forever and a day, looked for a chocolate cookie I could crown with what I considered the highest honor one could bestow on it, declaring it the browniest cookie. I just didn’t expect it t

the browniest cookies (smitten kitchen)

The Browniest Cookies -- Smitten Kitchen

the browniest cookies I don't normally bake desserts but these cookies seemed irresistible. I have cooked a lot of Smitten Kitchen recipes and they are always a success. I was not disappointed and my family absolutely loved them.

salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread |

salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread Read the full article on smitten kitchen

peanut butter swirled brownies |

Peanut butter brownies: Crisp-edged, fudgy-centered peanut butter swirled brownies guaranteed to improve all the days they last.

the consummate chocolate chip cookie, revisited |

The Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookie- Smitten Kitchen Deep, undeniably excellent crunchy edges, chewy and/or gooey everywhere else, this is the mic drop of the chocolate chip cookie category.